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Weather Data & Links

Satellite Pictures: The latest and archived satellite imagery covering Australia, the Southern Hemisphere and the Globe.
Weather Maps: The latest and archived weather maps and charts, weather model output and atmospheric soundings/aerological diagrams covering Australia.
Weather Radar: Current and archived Bureau of Meteorology radar images for all the radar sites in Australia
Lightning Data: The latest lightning data for Australia.
Weather webcam: High resolution Sky and Weather Webcam and Automatic Weather Station from McLeans Ridges (near Lismore and Alstonville) on the NSW Northern Rivers.
Weather and Climate: Weather forecasts, observations and climate information for Australia.
Weather Discussion: Weather forums and mailing lists for discussing Australian weather and storm chasing.
Weather Homepages: Links to weather homepages by Australian individuals. Weather photography, storm chasing and Australian weather information.
Weather Photography: A comprehensive list of links to weather and lightning photography from all around the globe.
Storm Chasing/Education: Storm Chasers, storm chaser resources, and educational material for learning about thunderstorms.
Selected Weather Sites: Links to various weather sites dealing with weather in other countries.
Converting Time Zones: Information on how to convert GMT/UTC/Z time to local Australian time.

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