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storm video footage Since Australian Severe Weather came online in the mid-1990's, our material and our services have been used in media in a variety of forms: stock footage appearing on television and photography appearing on newspapers and magazines. Both Michael Bath and Jimmy Deguara have featured on television, newspaper and radio over the years including documentaries and current affair. The most significant of these use of resources and interview details are listed below.
Latest media stories:
"Storm Chasing" Channel 10 News 20 February 2012 - Jimmy Deguara
"Twister Terror" Yahoo7 Sunrise 29 May 2011 - Jimmy Deguara
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Contact via email at: Jimmy Deguara

Media Websites

Media Source Name
Title and page of article
NineMSN Travel website
January 16, 2009
Sydney Morning Herald website
March 8 2010
ABC TV Art Nation
21st February 2010
Sun Herald website
3 May 2009
Sydney Morning Herald website
14 November 2008


Media Source Name
Title and page of article
Monster Storms : Jason Project Conference 30th November 2007 "Moster Storms"


Media Source Name
Title or description of Movie
" In the Moment - 14th November 2008 " 14th November 2008
"In the Moment"

[A story about the Glenorie fires - footage used from Jimmy Deguara.]

" Thunder Down Under Storm Chasing in Australia - Dec. 2007 " December 2007
Thunder Down Under
"National Nine news Dunoon Tornado Story" 26th October 2007 "Australian Storm Chasers" videos:
[Dunoon Tornado footage on]
"A Current Affair Interview" July 5 2007 "Australian Storm Chasers" videos:
[Smaller file (11mb)][Large higher quality file (48mb)]
Dec 2003
Images used as background scenes for the movie
We are listed in full credits in Sky Element Still Photography
June 4 2005
Storm Chasers David Croan and Jimmy Deguara interviewed about the devastating hailstorm chase where the windscreen gets smashed.
March 9 2005
Totally Wild segment on storm chasers Jimmy Deguara and Matthew Piper.
Feb 22 2005
Sixty Minutes crew filmed storm chasers in Tornado Alley
Jan-Feb 2004
Lightning Safety link online
A Current Affair
Storm Chasing in the US Tornado Alley, Tornado footage shown
Today Show Channel Nine
earlier 2001
Interview and video used
Today Show Channel Nine
Video from after the US trip used
Today Tonight
National Geographic
Friday, 27 July 2001
One Day, One World, The Weather
Storm Warning
Storm Warning, Episode 301
Storm Warning
Storm Warning, Episode 302
Green Umbrella Productions
One episode using lightning
Witchita Kansas TV
Sunday, 3 June 2001
Australians in Tornado Alley, Kansas TV Interview
Weather Channel
Sunday, 5 November 2000
Live interview about storms and possible tornadoes north NSW
Weather Channel
Thursday, 2 October 2003
Footage aired of storms 1st October 2003 violent storms
Prime TV, Tamworth
Thursday, 2 October 2003
Footage aired of storms 1st October 2003 violent storms


Media Source Name
Title or description of Radio interview
Saturday, 274th October 2007
Radio interview about Dunoon tornado placed on website:  Live News
SWR FM 99.9
Saturday, 14th August 2004
2 hour interview with DJ Brendon - "Australian Severe Weather and Storm Chasing"
Toronto, Canada Radio
Friday, 9 July 2004
Storm Chasing Tours interview
Saturday afternoon program, 2002
Thunderbolt Storm Chasing Tours
Steve Price, 2003 -2004
Steve Price, 2003 -2004
Steve Price, February 2004
Severe storm event Feb 2004
ABC Sydney
ABC National
ABC Canberra
Following article in The Sydney Morning Herald
Radio 2 1611 AM
Mike Bailey Following article in The Sydney Morning Herald The Sunday Telegraph followed with an article
Adelaide radio
Following article in TheDaily Telegraph
4BC Brisbane
Severe storms in Queensland and storm chasing
3AW Melbourne
Severe storms and storm chasing
Radio Kurri Kurri 2 NUR FM
Storm Chasing and severe storms
Radio Newcastle
Following Daily Telegraph, Page 3 Interview
ABC North Coast
Severe weather
ABC North Coast
North Coast severe weather
ABC Statewide
Casino storm damage and storm chasing
ABC Statewide
Sydney to Hobart yacht race tornado
ABC Radio National
Weather talkback
ABC North Coast and 2LM
East Coast Lows
ABC Radio National
Storm chasing
ABC North Coast
Snow chasing


Media Source Name
Title and page number of article
Sydney Morning Herald
Saturday, 14 March 2008
Daily Telegraph
Monday, 19 April 2004
Lightning the way for web watchers, page 3
Daily Telegraph
Thursday, 2 December 1999
The Rinse Cycle: Natur'es Rhythms ruin our weekends, page 5
Daily Telegraph
Saturday, 13 December 2003
The Storm Cells Out: Thunderbolts and Lightning were very, very, very,…strange, page 11
Daily Telegraph
Thursday, 18 March 2004
Gettng it straight on Twisters, Page 16
Sunday Telegraph
Sunday, 23 December 2001
Addicted to Storms: Nature's magic moments, Page 26
Sunday Telegraph
I think 2002
Followed an article copying Sydney Morning Herald
Tuesday, 8 October 2002
The Sydney Morning Herald
Wednesday, 2 July 2003
Dream Job - Storm Chaser: The Lightning Bod, Page 20
The Sydney Morning Herald, Summer Metropolitan
Monday, 23 December 2002
Extreme Sydney, Page 2
The Sydney Morning Herald, The Good Weekend
Saturday, 10 March 2001
Days of Thunder, Page 28-32
The Australian
Saturday, 1 July 2000
Rainspotters go out more than most, Page 15
The Blacktown Advocate
Wednesday, 5 May 2004
The Storm Hunter, Front page
The Blacktown Advocate
Friday, 2 July 2004
Storm Chaser in Spotlight Page 4
The Blacktown City Sun
Tuesday, 7 January 2003
Lightning tours: Chance to hunt weather, Front page
St Marys Star
Tuesday, 13 April 2004
Teacher in Eye of the Storm: Rooty Hill leading weather watch, Page 7
The Daily Examiner
Sunday, 11 January 1998
Tim and Jim humt the 'holy grail' of storms, Page 3
Collin County Community College
Article on storm chasers helping at Tech Camp
Collin County Community College
Article on storm chasers helping at Tech Camp


Media Source Name
Title and page of article
Minestyle - travel magazine December 2008 "Chasing Storms"
Drew Turney from Capture magazine May-June 2007 "A Perfect Storm"
Brigade, RFS magazine
Dec, 2001
Front page
May-June 2001
Hail, Page 16-17
Jan-Feb 2002
Page 3-5
Vaisala, Safe Solutions for Aviation Weather Observation
Page 14
Natural Disaster Management
Brochure, Reducing the Impact of flooding
Natural Disaster Management
Support in times of Disaster
Ralph Magazine
Jul-Aug 2000
Reality "Twister", Page 65
101 Things to do on the Internet
Join a weather project, Page 31
Wolrd Vision
Sep 2001
The approaching Storm, HIV/AIDS in Asia, Front page
Night Shots: A Guide to Professional LightninTechniques, Page 148-149
Was Spuckt ein Vulkan
Jan 2003
Page 27
AMP "Parrot"
1995 Autumn Issue
Front page, also page 4-5
The Co-operators
Front page
Journal of Meteorology
In print
Camden LP supercell 12th February 2003,

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Updated: 2 March 2012
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